3D Consultation – We can tell you if you have a printable design, and if not, what it will take to get it there.

2D Design & Consultation – Have a design in your head but can’t draw it out? We can help.
– Only need a 2D drawing or rendering? We can do that, too.
– Character Design is also available.

3D Printing Prep – We can take existing 3D files and make them 3D print ready

3D Rendering – We can give you a 2D image of your 3D part

3D Articulation – Have an idea that has joints? We can help. Have a 3D creature or creation that needs proper articulation? We can help.

3D Printing with our in-house Formlabs Form2 printer

Need engineering for your project? We have engineers, too.

Finishing work:
– Silicon Mold Making
– Resin Casting
– Metal Casting
– Expert Paint & Prep For Final Product

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